Can MOCO integrate with my Accounting System?

The answer is Yes, The actual style of integration will depend on the actual accounting system you run.

Modern cloud based packages like Xero & MYOB are generally easy. For a traditional server / workstation accounting package, it will depend on how fully featured and friendly their API is. In the worst case, you can export system products and customers in excel format and we can lift this data to the MOCO enterprise cloud and email orders back to you. This scenario would be a rare solution now days, as all modern accounting systems have an API to exchange data.

With Propella, Infusion and Accredo and similar accounting packages, we can integrate your system directly with our cloud portal (and your mobile devices) in near real time automatically. Your orders will be send directly to your warehouse to be picked and packed immediately. Your order is automatically imported directly into your accounting system ( avoiding manual keyboard entry ) in near real time.

Please give us a call and we can explore the options with you that best suit your requirements.