MOCO iPad App

Today our new Moco sales app version 7.5 is released.

We did a major makeover to the design and usability of the app. After listening to client feedback we redesigned the UI to improve ease of use and speed of ordering.

We have added over 20 new functions which include Photos, Discount processing, Promotions, full customer history, order margin reporting,

To save mobile data charges you can now select to only download any missing or new product images or catalogues.

Of course you can still download all images if you wish.

This will save your Reps time and money.
Our MOCO Prime app Version 3 is now available in the App Store.

To Upgrade from a previous version :-

  • Sync any unsent orders to the MOCO Cloud - Very Important!
  • On your iPad Uninstall your previous version of Moco by placing your finger on the MOCO Prime icon until it starts to shake.
  • Now tap the x on the icon to delete the app.
  • Goto the App Store and search for Moco Prime.
  • Tap the download icon.
  • To reload the iPad with your data, Log in.
  • Sync all items.
  • You are now good to go.
Order PDFs can be created and printed at the customer's site.
Reps can now put the order on hold and resume the order later.
Created a text only product tile.

If you don't have your product images ready yet , this feature will allow you to go live immediately. You can always turn on the product images later when they are ready.

Ideal for the service industry where you are selling your time and services.
Over the weekend we stress tested our iPad app to Moco Cloud interface by uploading 200 + orders with a total of 60,000 order lines.

Our test set consisted of normal sized orders and some large orders ( The largest was 431 lines) and we uploaded these repeatedly until we reached 60,000 order lines.

All orders synced perfectly and after many hours we concluded the interface had passed its stress test.

Crash Test
We also deliberately crashed the app mid-order by switching it off , cancelling the order, parking the order many times to checked that the order could be continued exactly where we had left off. All orders were able to be continued.
Test passed.
You can now print the customers signature on the order .

You can print to any airport enabled printer at your client's site . ( Brother and HP brands generally support airport )
We added a customer signature pad to our Moco App so customers could confirm their order by signature.

We also print the customer signature on the order and picklist.
Screen real-estate is very precious and we try to present as much information as we can on one screen.

Now you can increase the size of the Product Tiles when you are in product view mode by clicking the View Button and selecting between 1, 4, 9, 12, products per page for ease of use.

You can still zoom in to the product image by clicking the product photo.
Released first MOCO iPad Sales App
Submitted our MOCO Ipad App ( Version 1) to Apple for approval
Nothing is more frustrating than being stuck in the outback , no mobile coverage and forgetting how to do something.

We added help videos for you which you can play from the Help Menu Tab.

  • How to Set-up the App
  • How To Order
  • How to make call notes
  • How to chat with H/O

You can add PDF's to the Help screen for.

  • Terms of Trade
  • New Account Application
  • Product Return Request Form
  • Credit Request Form

And print these at your customer's site.
MOCO Cloud Portal

MOCO Trade Mark Registration Approved

New Office Auckland CBD


Today the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand has approved our MOCO trademark.
A client is about to email their customers and ask them to sign up to their website so they can order direct. Our module sends email with a unique user key to the customer, they click the link and then are asked to create their login details. Their user account is then linked to their customer number.

Customers can :-
  • Place an order
  • Check their own pricing
  • View their orders
  • Track their order through picking and packing and dispatch
  • View all products they have ever ordered and order from this list
  • Assign their own SKU codes to regularly ordered items
  • View Terms of Trade PDF
  • View Credit Policy PDF
  • View Returns Policy PDF
Integrated MOCO with Propella Accounting.

  • Uploads Products, Customers, Price Levels to MOCO
  • Downloads MOCO orders into Propella
Integration with the Infusion Accounting solution means we can feed orders directly into infusion as a pending order for all MOCO and iPad solutions
To increase security we split every clients data into their own database. Previously we held all data in a central database.
Integrated the power of ADDRESSFINDER's predictive search API into the MOCO cloud.

Addresses may now be searched and verified. The Address Finder API returns suburb, City and post code.
Launched our parent company's new web site.
We sat down and examined our core values and key offerings and designed a unique website that was authentically us.
Our client who showcases their recent cladding jobs on residential homes wanted to show the approximate location of the job on their public page but not the exact location for client identity reasons.

We revised the geo-location logic so that the map pin would be placed randomly not closer than 200 meters and not further than 400 meters away from the exact location. ( like a location pin on a doughnut around the actual address)

This balanced the promotional requirements of our client with the need to respect his clients privacy.
To improve ease of use, and based on user feedback we have added drag and drop functionality to our on line shopping cart.
Allows you to see where a particular product or category is selling visually.
Great for identifying customers in a product recall situation
With our new system Log database we can now graph all web site visits by Month, Day, Hour and minute.

Perfect for identifying any Denial of Service attacks as well as seeing the performance of the site in real time.

One client, who runs tenders for vehicles and machinery, could see the how reminder emails increased the performance of a soon to close tender.
For every visit to a page we record the browser, device, user, company, IP, geo-location into our System Log Database.
The main purpose was to identify the exact user activity in the event of a problem / bug we needed to analyse. Every browser is different and has different quirks. IE was always a challenge , being slow to upgrade to new web standards that Chrome and Mozilla already supported.
Customers may now be mapped on google maps and colour coded according to:-

Rep - great for managing sales territories
Date Last Visited - Lets you manage your Reps call cycles and identifies any customers not contacted within the last 30 , 60 or 90 days
Recent Sales - Identify your high value customers visually
This was our first integration with an accounting back-end and operates in batch mode. We upload :-
  • Customers
  • Products
  • Price Level Pricing
  • Special Pricing
  • Customer Purchase History
  • Users
Adding TradeMe style search logic to our shopping cart, made product searches faster and more intuitive.
Adding barcodes to the picking lists enables quick and accurate manual entry of the order into a spreadsheet or any accounting system
Cloud Enabled Solutions
Customised cloud system for a paint distributor to support marketing activity and track paint applications, also schedules ongoing maintenance.