Cloud Enabled Past Projects


Rural Gas Bottle System

  • Gas Bottle tag scanned with bluetooth barcode reader
  • Offline database syncing orders to MOCO enterprise cloud portal
  • New orders are download as a pending order into Infusion automatically
Fitness Center Solution

Fitness Center Solution

  • Members scan their RFID tag to gain entry to the 24 hour fitness center
  • Membership data and fitness center activity held both locally and in the MOCO cloud
  • Member Photos
  • Attendance Graphs , Membership Reports, Rejoining Graphs

Mobile Calibration Cloud Solution

  • Certification Certificates are produced in the cloud
  • The clients can log in, view & download certificate copy direct from the cloud.
Cloud Roster System

Cloud Roster System

  • Rosters from one week may be copied for the next week and staff notes and availability may be edited on the new roster.
  • Comments may be entered at the time and the owner may view the roster remotely.