MOCO Features


iPad Orders

  • Take orders anywhere - even if there is no mobile data service
  • iPad Orders are sent to the warehouse instantly
  • Orders have correct part numbers, pack sizes and customer specific pricing
  • Orders may be parked and continued later
  • Reps may view & print their orders taken in the field
  • Supports quotes and credits
  • All products a customer has ever ordered are listed on the iPad
  • Customers may sign on the iPad to confirm the order
  • Customer's signature printed on every order and picking slip
MOCO Product Features

Product Features

  • Barcode reader option
  • Order by packsize
  • Product pdfs
  • Stock levels
  • 10 standard price levels
  • Special and contract pricing by customer supported
  • Quantity breaks
  • Units of measure
  • Product alert messages eg."don't sell, shipment delayed"
  • Specials
  • Product search by category, type, range
  • Text search by part of code or product description
  • Multiple product tile layouts
  • Bin number locations
MOCO Catalogue


  • Order direct from your offline iPad catalogue
  • Just flick through the catalogue, tap the product and order - easy!
  • Supports multiple catalogues
  • Easy to setup
  • Page index search
  • New catalogues may be setup over time and then released live
  • Old catalogues are easily removed
  • Reps love to use this simple "real life" interface
Offline Order Taking

Offline Order Taking

  • Our App has been designed from the ground up to work, even if data coverage is available or not.
  • The order is saved automatically
  • Remote branches can place orders in the cloud, and send directly to your warehouse
  • Logo, colours, menu options are managed in the MOCO cloud portal
  • Help videos and procedures are stored on the iPad for remote training


  • All orders appear instantly in the warehouse
  • Picking lists are printed in bin location order for speedy picking
  • Barcoding of picking lists available for ease of operation
  • Customers are mapped for ease of choosing freight changes & courier
  • Completed orders are clicked & time-stamped as delivered
  • "Order dispatched" advice is emailed to customer automatically with courier contact details and tracking number
  • Warehouse efficiency & KPI reporting
  • Powerful stock-take process for easy and fast stock-take counts
Sales Manager

Sales Manager

  • Manage sales territories easily, using our online mapping tool
  • Manage rep activity and performance reporting in real time
  • Market intelligence - see rep call notes as they come in. It's easy to monitor market trends, competitor activity, competitor pricing, rep performance, rep style, rep hours & gives you advanced warning of any challenges arising in your particular market
  • Maps the top, middle and bottom customers for a sales period by sales value ( Filtered by rep and customer spend)
  • Category / product management - see on a map where the sales for a product have been made and what rep is making the sales
  • Call cycle management. Territories are mapped and customers are colour coded by the last call date ( Both in map or report formats )
Customer CRM Portal

Customer CRM Portal

  • Customers can login and place orders in pack size with our easy to use shopping cart. Customers may enter products notes. eg " This part is for Roberts machine"
  • On line product price inquiry. Customers can search by category, part of code, part of product description and hover over the product tile to see their real price, availability and stock levels in real time (Supports special pricing)
  • Full product ordered history is available to an individual customer so they can easily re-order past items & identify the exact part they ordered previously. Displays the last quantity and the last date they ordered
  • Customer part or SKU numbers. Customers may assign their own SKU numbers for their regularly ordered products. Ensuring smooth integration with their existing inventory procurement and accounting systems
  • Order tracking - customers may track their orders from ordering, picking and dispatch with time stamping.
  • Credit applications available on line
  • Company terms & conditions on line
  • Product returns policy on line
  • Product return requests. Easy to use, online process. Customers can identify the product for return by order line, enter the return reason and upload a photo of the damaged item. The request is immediately sent to your customer service team for approval or decline.
In Field Staff

In Field Staff

  • We have written a number of field staff systems. For example:-

  • Calibration system for factory probe calibrations

    Sensors are measured to standards and any variance to standard recorded.
    Any adjustments made, are recorded on site.
    A certification certificate is automatically created in the cloud and emailed to the client.
    Clients may download certificates themselves.
    The system reports up-coming certifications, prints a site report of all the calibrations to be done together with all the test equipment needed for that particular site.

Branches Management & Reporting

Branch Management & Reporting

  • Our cloud portal was designed from the ground up as a multi company system to support multiple company branches and franchise operations.

  • Reporting by both, branch and company wide consolidation available
Integration With Your Accounting System

Integration With Your Accounting System

  • Our Cloud portal was designed to integrate with any accounting system you may have
  • Real time integration is available for Propella, Infusion and Accredo. We can write the integration for your specific accounting system if required. Quotes will vary based on the functionality of your accounting system's API and cloud friendliness

    • Data uploaded to the cloud portal and then synced to your rep's iPad in the field include
    • New customers
    • Delivery addresses
    • Customer notes
    • Customer Special pricing
    • Invoice history
    • Catalogues
    • Products
    • Product photos
    • Product PDF's
    • Current stock levels

      Data synced down to your accounting system in real time or every minute or hour as you prefer include
    • New orders
    • Quotes
    • Credits
    • Call Notes
    • New Prospects

  • Expand-ability. We can quote for any additional features or in field modules / apps you may require.
Moco Business Dashboard

Business Dashboard

Business Dashboards are very business and user specific.
Moco has standard sales graphs, total orders, site views etc

Additional functionality with graphs or lists may be added for the client's specific requirements. e.g.

  • All sales over $5,000
  • All sales today with drill-down
  • All activity for a key ( or specific ) customer
  • Call Notes written within the last week / month filtered by rep.
  • Customers last contacted more than 30, 60, 90 days ago.
  • Sales graphs filtered by individual rep.
  • Average sales value by hour
  • Average number of product lines per order
  • Views by product
  • Order value by product or category
  • Top 10 products by order value and quantity
  • And almost any other metric or KPI you may wish.

Data may be presented as line graphs, pie charts or lists



  • Every user has their own unique login and password
  • Menu options and access rights are customised per user
  • Functionality within a menu option is determined by the user's user level. e.g. Reps (level 1) can only view and create orders. Admin may change order quantities ( Level 9 ). System Administrators can maintain passwords, add users, customise system options and set user menu access.
  • Users belong to set groups. e.g. Reps are in the rep group. Customers belong to the customer group. This allows you to fully customise and control both your user's view of the system and create a unique user experience.
  • A default landing page may be defined per user. The owner sees the business dashboard first whereas a customer would land initially on the shopping cart when they log in.
  • Session timeouts are defined, site wide, (typically 15 minutes) to prevent unauthorised access when a PC has been left on.
  • Sales territories are defined per user. A rep would normally only see their own customers, their own orders and their own call reports.
    Additional territories may be dynamically assigned to a rep when they are covering for a colleague on annual leave etc The rep can now view both his own and his colleague's customers and activity. When the colleague returns the rep's territories can be reset back to normal.
    In the case of a single company rep, sales manager or office manager their rights can be set to see ALL territories activity.