Fitness Center Solution

Remote Business Management

Our Client is a regional 24 hour fitness center. The owner often travels internationally as a conference presenter. We created the member management software to connect with the MOCO enterprise cloud. So no matter where in the world he is, he can log-in to manage and check-up on his business remotely.

When the member arrives for a workout he presents his RFID tag. Our system reads the member's RFID tag, pulls up their details and photo and checks for expiry date, overdue balances and any stop alert eg. "We found Jills bag - Its in the back office"

When members join, our system records their membership details, takes their photo and saves these on the local server.

MOCO cloud membership data and fitness center activity is synced up to the MOCO cloud automatically.

The owner can remotely log in and see:-

  • Attendance history graphs
  • Stopped members reports and reason
  • Members 6 week renewal report , together with any diary notes
  • Total membership graphs (by membership type)
  • Joining graphs by membership type.
  • Total daily income reports, filtered by membership types