Mobile Calibration Cloud Solution

Our Auckland client recertifies factory PLU sensors (temperature, pressure, speed etc) in factories like Fonterra, TipTop and other food processing factories on a regular 6 or 12 month cycle.

Probe readings are measured on site against set standards eg. For a test at 100C, the probe may actually record 99.25C and would then need to be re-calibrated by 1.75c to bring it back to a 100c reading at 100c. Calibration tests and any adjustments made, are recorded in our system on site.

A certification certificate is automatically created in the MOCO cloud. This show theoretical vs actual readings, any adjustment made, the test equipment used to test the probe and the last calibration date of the test equipment used for the certification.

Our solution prints reports for upcoming calibrations, sorted by client.

The site report lists all the probes to be tested, together with the exact test units, the technicians need to take to site for these calibrations.

The clients can log in, and view then download their PDF's certificates direct from the cloud.

As well as being more efficient the client saved significant admin time by avoiding printing and mailing test certificates to their customers. Producing replacement test certificates is now much simpler & efficient and may be even be done directly by their customers.